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Galerie da-End: What Ticks

Theatrical declarations and curated authenticity. Galerie Da-End: The mystery and the multidisciplinary...

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In the Hands of Cod – How Fish Unified Europe Before Brussels

DNA from Viking cod bones suggests 1,000-year history of European fish trade...

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Black Swan, White Swan: Bloom Twins, Nambucca

Skinnycandy gets a dose of stream of consciousness at the appropriately Joycean Bloom Twins...

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A Wedding Without a Bagpipe is Like a Funeral

Bagpiping provides a route straight to the heart of another culture....

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WHAT Does it Say About Me?! Should Fiction Depict Real People?

When artistic freedom violates somebody's privacy ...

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Brudging the Issue With the EU Referendum

We keep getting what we deserve and we never ask why. ...

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Brexit: The Betrayal of the Young

Put the kids in basement and lock the door. We don’t want them consorting with them bloody foreigners!...

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The Lash of Lord Edmonds: Imagining the Brexit Aftermath

Gentle and lighthearted musings on the Apocalyptic Gloom which might follow Brexit...

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In, Out, Shake it All About. What Politicians Forget About a Unified Europe (Part Three)

Beyond nationalism, economics and finance, there are sound reasons for a unified Europe. Its bloody history among them. Essay...

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In, Out, Shake it All About. What Politicians Forget About a Unified Europe (Part Two)

History provides a template for the society we live in. Outside of Europe, Britain would only have its own....

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In, Out, Shake it All About. What Politicians Forget About a Unified Europe

Beyond the fiscal spreadsheets and the chest-beating nationalism, there are lesser-reported nuances to the European membership debate. Essay...

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How Much Did YOU Save for Your Pension This Week? The Precariat Class Goes Europe-Wide

New report finds Europe-wide shift towards weaker job security and employment support ...

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Not the Final Countdown for Europe – DVD and Tour (Europe)

EUROPE’s momentous live appearance at Wacken 2015 filmed, recorded and released as a DVD & BluRay...

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Rock now, Rock the Night! Loitered Lens [Europe]

Joey Tempest banging out some ultra weird shapes...

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Of Old Gits and Hamsters’ Arses

Farage and Co. are not a bold rejection of the old order – they’re simply extreme expressions of it...

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