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Black Swan, White Swan: Bloom Twins, Nambucca

Skinnycandy gets a dose of stream of consciousness at the appropriately Joycean Bloom Twins

bloom twins

[dropcap style=”font-size:100px; color:#992211;”]I[/dropcap]gnoring the notice on the frigid furrows of my brow that says “Don’t forget to feed the catachresis!” I prepare to celebrate the Feast of Twinalia – it is that time of year after all and as an adherent, call me a Twinalien.

Time for a spot of Nambuccaneering then, and it’s my birthday. Let’s play emcee:

(“Ladies and gentlesperms, welcome to Twinarctica. You have now crossed to the other side. Rejoice! Behold visions in binary finery before you now: Bright Star/Dark Star. You have left technocracy to its own devices! You have left the Planet of the Apps and put your “Amnesia” to sleep. You are now in bloom and in a firmament. Your entertainment tonight will comprise: a soundtrack to the inter and intradimensional; we may experience Pleiadeans strapped naked and tied to the bonnet of a speeding limousine, captured in monochromatic yet incandescent shards, pixelating during the rhapsody of “Fahrenheit”: we now have disclosure (somebody please tell Mr. Greer).

A journal has been opened and unleashes squadron upon squadron of butterflies teasing sylphs in a snowball fight, the glorious vocal interplay weaving its way into your consciousness: give in to it.

It is time to get your Titans out for these goddesses, lads! Panthers lurk with night-vision cameras to ensnare the rapture, serenity and crescendo of “Blue”; pray they don’t pounce – we areBloom Twins in an emotional enclosure now.

A mirrorball spinning recklessly and wildly, showering you with mesmeric intensity. (Two unicorns fencing in the shadow of Orion’s light momentarily cease hostilities). Two stained glass figurines have broken into an apothecary with intent to deluge us with their own unique perfume: soporific yet still reassuring stares from a zodiac bind us yet blind us – we are entwined and dare not embrace our fate.”)

So, there is fragility yet strength, celebration and ecstasy, reflection, with a sense that something could come out of the dark at any given moment and try to apply make-up on you with its talons.

There is something of Swan Lake about tonight. A White Swan/Black Swan metamorphosis seems to happen. You can also sense the hieros gamos at play here: they seem to have embodied that in sound – quite some achievement. If there is any justice Bloom Twins are going to become one mighty act to follow and I’ll be marking this date down in future so I can feast all over again: November 43rd.


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