Sand, Solitude, Space. Zakaria Wakrim: Amarg (Photography)

Zakaria Wakim's photography encounters the heart of solitude in the Sahara desert...

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Mature, Complex, with a Lasting Finish. NOS Primavera Sound, Porto

NOS Primavera Sound leaves a lasting impression on Trebuchet's man in Portugal...

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Shake Dem Pixels: Sexualization in Video Games Down

Sexualizaton of female video game characters has diminished since the 1990s ...

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Subject Matters: Searching for The Perfect Pop Music Lyric

Man and The Echo’s Gareth Roberts waxes lyrical about the importance of good lyrics in pop music....

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Short Skirts, Sharp Suits. Proud Galleries present the photography of Terry O’Neill

Proud Galleries focus on iconic sixties photographer Terry O'Neill in their April exhibition of Rolling Stones photos...

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The Timeline of Being a Woman

Political activist Lisa Muggeridge chronicles the ways culture, politics and society combine to control women's lives....

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The Celestial Time Capsule is Your Chance to Send a Message into Space

Artistic space odyssey to broadcast people's messages to the stars ...

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David Bowie, Cuts, and Why ‘Culture’ is becoming Another Planet

Bowie's mere presence personified the power and relevance of a cultured society that appreciated and allowed him to emerge and for the rest of us to reach for those rewarding stars as well...

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Mind of Blue. The Neuroscience of the Minor Key

Study of jazz pianists finds 'happy' and 'sad' music evoke different neural patterns...

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A Hypocrite’s Guide to the Internet (Part two)

Drew Michael walks us through more examples of our own miserable double-think....

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Bringing West Africa to South Sudan

In South Sudan, all of us were reminded of the African continent's sprawling size and rich diversity....

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Music : Did We Even Like it Anyway?

Why is the music industry failing? Perhaps it’s just that most folk never really liked it much anyway....

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Welcome to Iraq : South London Gallery

Live event, featuring a talk, a performance and traditional Iraqi food...

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Social networks may inflate self-esteem, reduce self-control

Pitt and Columbia researchers publish evidence on Social Network behavior and how it relates to users' self-control, body-mass indexes, and credit-card debt...

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In Defence of Music

I am here in defence of music. Of music music---not social music sites, not music apps, not the ability to stream, or the ability to store songs in the cloud. I am here to extol the delicious,...

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Are Social Media Values Human Values?

None of the values promoted by a social-media-dominated world are helpful with depth-oriented, long-term thinking...

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PAFT Relief

The Designer Cosa Nostra have now decreed that their collections must fully express the zeitgeist by embracing art, philosophy, cinema, music and God-knows-what-else. You may think that these...

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