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The Forme to the Fynisment Foldes Ful Selden

A strong line-up balances reverence for old forms against modern storytelling in this worthwhile release to round off the Dark Britannica project....

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Sacrilege! Profanity! Err, Isn’t That the Point of Black Metal? Myrkur

Myrkur proves, by dint of sheer talent, that magnificent Black Metal can be made by those there lady women people....

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Fragarak: A Spectral Oblivion

Indian Experimental Black Metallers Fragarak demand an extended attention span...

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Entombed A.D. and Vovoid at Camden Underworld

Stagediving without nets. Blood and floorslime mingle at the Underworld...

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Kargeras Returns From The Land of the Almost Ignored (Root)

Czech dark metal act Root are a band you haven’t heard of, but should have...

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Blackened Death, Beaten Skins: Akercocke at Manchester Academy

Untramelled aggression, windmill headbanging, expensive drinks. A Sunday night with Akercocke...

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Summer Dies Slowly: August Metal Meltdown

A summer of death, filth, junkie Olympians and the Zika virus needs an appropriate soundtrack. Metal meltdown ahoy....

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Beyond the Limited Imagination: M (Myrkur)

Review of M, stunning album by multi-instrumentalist Black Metal phenomenon Myrkur...

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Septic September Metal Mania (The Sword, Cattle Decapitation, Ahab)

Album reviews whilst throwing a basket of kittens into an industrial shredder in the name of Hamas and Communism...

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Jam in the middle of Wasp Season. Live Metal [Skyforger]

Meanwhile, the other venue in the side street had a light tank parked outside it. This was the metaller equivalent of a large open jar of jam in the middle of Wasp Season....

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