Joe Rogan ‘s Kale Shake Pt 2.

How to make Kale Shake without Kale. March / April growing season can mean that Kale is hard to come by. What next? Cavolo Nero.


[dropcap style=”font-size:100px; color:#992211;”]W[/dropcap]here has the Kale gone? What do we do now?

That’s right Kale Shake fans the Kale has left the building for March and April. Why? According to Sainsbury and Co-operative spokespeople ‘it is out of season, it’ll be back in 4 weeks (or so)’ and also ‘can you please back off sir my ears are ringing and I believe your hands are cutting off circulation to my brain’.

Remember our Joe Rogan Kale Shake recipe – it’s good isn’t it – but what to do without Kale?

Who knew that in this day and age some foods are actually out of season, there are times when our ceaseless NEED to spend our money is abated by good ole nature. BUT it is so…

Alternatives to Kale :  Cavolo Nero.

So. Let me introduce you to Kale’s weird looking cousin : Cavolo Nero.

Cavolo Nero is available in most Sainsbury’s supermarkets and our local will get it in if you speak/email the right person.

green_smoothie_pitcher[quote]But British grown cavolo nero

is now available in the UK!

Usually grown in the sunny south of Italy,

cavolo nero is now being grown

in Lincolnshire, renowned for

its fertile, loamy soil and where

so many of our vegetables come from.

Cavolo nero is also

known as black cabbage,

Tuscan kale, or by

its Italian names

lacinato and nero

de Toscana and is

a cousin to the

popular Italian vegetable

cavolo fiore

(similar to cauliflower).

Cavolo nero is a great

source of lutein,

vitamins K, A and C

as well as significant amounts of

manganese, copper,

fibre, calcium, iron,

the B vitamins and

many other elements.

– [/quote]

So giving it a whirl we’ve given the double thumbs up. It tastes the same and should do the trick to assuage your Kale Shake addiction over the next few weeks until our delightful Kale comes back.

If you’re wondering what Cavolo Nero means Black Cabbage in Italian, so now like Joe Rogan himself you can have a little italian in your mongrel Kale shake mix.

Of course, if you have any suggestions for alternative healthy recipes that you’d like to share feel free to use the comments section below.

Over and out and all hail Kale.


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More great Cavolo Nero information and recipes


5 Replies to “Joe Rogan ‘s Kale Shake Pt 2.”

  1. Danny says:

    Ah!!.. Another alternative not available here in Australia lol

    A alternative I have read about and found widely available in my area with what im told are similar benefits and properties is Bok Choy.
    Do you have any insight on Bok Choy?

    Its also said to have a slightly sweater taste which im sure will make choking it down slightly easier 😉

  2. Trebuchet says:

    Hmm Bok Choy eh?

    A test must have be carried out.

    After all enquiring minds wanna know!

  3. Trebuchet says:

    Kale is back in Sainsburys… but for how long?

  4. James maxwell says:

    I believe cavolo nero is THE kale used by Joe and all other exponents of kale shakes. It’s known as dinosaur kale in the states. Curly Kale is nowhere near as nutritious and blends horribly. I stand to be corrected as a relative newcomer to green shakes.

    • Trebuchet says:

      Really! I wonder how we can find out for sure. Having tried both varieties I’m not sure which one I prefer but I do know that CN is much harder to get quite often.

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