Cold Soup?! Get Stuffed! It’s Vertical Salad. Gazpacho

Gazpacho is, potentially, a cornerstone of the vegetable juice purge diet, with the rare novelty of actually being delicious....

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Summer Cooking : Mayonnaise

Onwards, to the savoury custard of kings....

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A Christmas Consumer Guide to Ethical Food

Talking Turkey: A Christmas Consumer Guide to Ethical Food...

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Green Tea Protest Lemonade

Drink the green, clean your pipes, cool yourself off and beat back the military-industrial complex in one fell swoop with Trebuchet's Green Tea Lemonade....

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Fat foods and the Nordic diet

A healthy Nordic diet lowers cholesterol levels, and therefore the risk of cardiovascular disease, a pan-Nordic study where Lund University participated has found...

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Food Comas and Fast Food

Food Coma : Eating more fat may increase daytime sleepiness in healthy, non-obese adults, while eating more a specific food type may increase alertness....

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Potato Chip Fever

That awful reality about snacks — eat one potato chip and you're apt to scarf 'em all down — is now out the bag! ...

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Labelling Calorie Footprint

Menu labels displaying amount of exercise needed to burn calories show benefits in helping reduce people their calorie footprint....

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Olive Oil : Superfood

Extra virgin olive oil helps reduce the risk of Alzheimer's disease (AD) yet another health benefit of this amazing product...

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Family dinners nourish good mental health

Benefits of family meals to good mental health examined in a large community sample of adolescents....

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Joe Rogan ‘s Kale Shake Pt 2.

How to make Kale Shake without Kale. March / April growing season can mean that Kale is hard to come by. What next? Cavolo Nero....

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Discovery : Two New Mushroom Species

Spanish researchers have headed the discovery of two new mushroom species belonging to the Hydnum genus, a type of fungus commonly used in cooking....

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Why sourdough bread resists mold

Sourdough bread resists mold, unlike conventionally leavened bread....

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Adult Choices: Fruit presentation in School Lunchrooms

In the lunchrooms , changes were implemented to improve the convenience and attractiveness of fruits and vegetables and make the selection of fruits and vegetables seem standard through verbal cues...

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Freedom Toast : Southern Style

I know you ladies like it thick ...

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Cows fed flaxseed produce Omega-3 Milk

Dairy cows that are fed flaxseed produce more nutritious milk, according to a new study by Oregon State University....

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Col’ Jon’s Home Style Breakfast [Recipe]

'momma used to prepare us Brains n’ Eggs for breakfast. Pappy used to make stupid Zombie jokes about it when he wasn’t telling us about Iwo Jima'...

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Cup colour influences the taste of hot chocolate

Two researchers from the Polytechnic University of Valencia and the University of Oxford have proven that hot chocolate tastes better in an orange or cream coloured cup than in a white or red one....

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Joe Rogan ‘s Kale Shake Recipe

How to make Joe Rogan's Kale Shake, which blender is the best to use if you can't afford a BlendTec blender and you're in the UK and you're a beginner. ...

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Col. Jon’s Presidential Cookies

What could be better for an energy boost when you’re on the road? Well let me tell y’all, an all American Chocolate Chip Cookie, that’s what....

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Col. Jon’s Pumpkin Soup

Hallowe’en is my favourite time of year and along with the customary trick or treating, cow tipping and playing with my nuts at the cemetery, I always like to make a batch of Great Great Grandma...

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