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Mono/Poly : Earnest Endeavours [Photos]

A short interview and live photographic review of Mono/Poly ‘s sick concert at Earnest Endeavour event at the Village Underground 14th March 2013

[dropcap style=”font-size:100px; color:#992211;”]F[/dropcap]inally! We thought the gig would never happen but after such a wait we got to witness the powerful Charles Dickerson AKA Mono/Poly live and direct.

Catching up with Charles before his huge London show he had this to say about his up and coming, yet unnamed, release.

“It’s started out as an EP called Golden Skies but now there another side that has more night feel to it. So now it’s an album with two sides to it. Which I guess goes back to the polarity thing that I always capture with my music, it’s sun and moon music so I’m still thinking on what I want to call the moon side.

It’s just kinda about beautiful textures and bunch of I-don’t-know-what-to-call-it. I was really drawn to seventh chords. (and texturally) …it’s a mixture between organic and synthesised, where some of the synthetic sounds sound organic and have this brassy type sound to it.

My music always seems to be light and dark, and trying to figure out why that is. Like my name, people call it a paradox and you think about universe and quantum physics and it is a paradox but it’s how life works. You have the light and you have the dark and then there is the Mu between the two. That how you create life by merging the two.

I think it’s (the new record) going to come out on Omar Rodriguez’s record label. I’m thinking of doing something on Brain Feeder though, a funk record or something, a hybridised version of funk. I’m just trying to stay passionate and make sure that I like what I’m doing.”




 Photos by Kailas Elmer (first photo is of support act Plaitum)



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