Painting the Glitch in the Matrix: Gavin Turk at Ben Brown Fine Arts.

The Critical Targets in Contemporary Art

Whether avid creator, collector or curator Trebuchet charts the visceral edge of our time.


Trebuchet 13 Photography Cover
Trebuchet 13: Photography Spring 2023


Creative news, sonic art, artists and galleries.

Palermo Mon Amor: Fondazione Merz

A love letter to reality. Palermo at Fondazione Merz, Turin, Italy. ...

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Trebuchet 13: Photography

If creating an image is an artistic act then photography must be the most popular medium of creative endeavour in the 21st century. The huge number of images shared each day is dwarfed by the volume...

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The Life in Portraits: Charlie Schaffer

An interview with Charlie Schaffer ahead of his Scalpel-Like Eyes exhibition...

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A Snap: Photo London 2023

Photo London has returned to Somerset House for its 8th edition, presenting 125 exhibitors from 56 cities from...

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Chaos and Form: Angela Heisch

Cosmic abstraction and the human dimension...

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Contemporary Issues in Art and Design

Enchanting and Disenchanting, Art-Science-Religion: developing and realising works that blend religious and scientific methods....

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Jetztzeit in the Context of The Studio

Where is there agency in artistic practice?...

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Septuplet: How Art Can Nurture Radical Urban Immersion

Embedded within our individual experience of life is the notion of consumption and presence, by which the parameters of human experience can be constructed (as much as it could be disrupted)....

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Inside: Intercorporeality of Art and Architecture

We-world arising from the legacy of wealth. A review of Inside, an installation......

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Portrait of Matt Berninger #1 (2020) by Michael Carson.

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Contemporary Issues in Art and Design

Enchanting and Disenchanting, Art-Science-Religion: developing and realising...

Jetztzeit in the Context of The Studio

Where is there agency in artistic practice?...

Art Print: Peter Van Dyck

Trebuchet offers an exclusive art print from perceptual painter ...

EXCLUSIVE: Amon Tobin Premieres New Video

Exclusive video premiere by Amon Tobin...

Do We Need a New Definition of Violence? Brad Evans on Art and Technology

An interview with Philosopher Brad Evans on violence, history and contemporary...

Tai Shani on Power, Story and Reality

Practice, story and reality; an in depth discussion with ...

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May 5 – Jun 3 Bones and Ribbons - Rita Maikova

Bones and Ribbons – Rita Maikova

Kristin Hjellegjerde Gallery, London – 11:00 – 17:00

Painting of healing and dreaming

May 12 – Jun 24 Spacetime - Gabriel Orozco

Spacetime – Gabriel Orozco

Marian Goodman – New York, New York New York – 10:00 – 17:00

Wheels of time, human spaces

Jun 6 – Jun 11 The Human Menagerie - James Johnston

The Human Menagerie – James Johnston

Fitzrovia Gallery, Fitzrovia London – 10:00 – 17:00

Luminous and mythic paintings of the UR consciousness

Jun 23 – Jun 25 Exotikon


Wisdome, Los Angeles California – 09:00 – 17:00

Celebrating the wild, weird and wonderful world of Exotica

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