Nigeria street scene

Childishness and Cockroaches: An Academic in Africa

Just as we were about to start, Andrew appeared on the other side of the fence, waxing wroth. Why had we broken into his field, who did we think we were, we had no permission to play there etc., etc. It was at this point that I started to be deeply unhelpful.
This is a country of endless potentiality, but that potential will never be realised as long as people only talk about what others must do, and never think about what they must do themselves. (read more)


Taking the Olympiss

once the Five Ring Circus leaves, Stratford will be stripped of its Olympic flourishes and left behind to slowly rot once more, loomed over by a cold, distant Canary Wharf and scarred by poverty and social strife in equal measure. (read more)

No Picture

Crazy Golf at Selfridges

As a veteran crazy golfer I approached the Selfridges course with low expectations. How could a ‘pop up’ on a department store roof offer the nightmare experience provided by an enormous day-glo basement in downtown (read more)