Is Altitude Sickness Harshing Your Midlife Crisis? Fixed.

Acetaminophen: A viable alternative for preventing acute mountain sickness ...

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Strong, but Itchy. Armourers Update the Hairshirt for 2017

Strength of hair inspires new materials for body armor ...

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Ketone Drink : (Yet Another) Perfomance Enhancer for Cyclists

Ketone drink gives competitive cyclists a boost by altering their metabolism ...

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Walloped Millennials: Sports Injuries Increasing in Adolescents

Concussions on the rise for adolescents...

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Dislocated Shoulder : What *Not* To Do

We do not recommend self-setting of shoulder dislocations...

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Enduring the Heat with Paracetemol

Paracetamol improves the time someone can exercise in the heat, and that this occurs alongside a reduced body temperature...

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Leather helmets

Biomechanical performances of old-fashioned leather helmets and modern football helmets studied. ...

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Sports fandom and forgiveness

Celebrity confessions : Deep in Sports fandom do we really believe that anyone believes them anymore? ...

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Joe Rogan ‘s Kale Shake Pt 2.

How to make Kale Shake without Kale. March / April growing season can mean that Kale is hard to come by. What next? Cavolo Nero....

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Joe Rogan ‘s Kale Shake Recipe

How to make Joe Rogan's Kale Shake, which blender is the best to use if you can't afford a BlendTec blender and you're in the UK and you're a beginner. ...

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Playing Sport for Fun

To protect against injuries, young athletes may need to play more just for fun...

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Girls better at school, worse at tests

Why do girls get better grades in elementary school than boys—even when they perform worse on standardized tests?...

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Too Much Monkey Business

Eleven defining cultural moments featuring gorillas. SWP reports on the City of London's Great Gorilla Run ...

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Childishness and Cockroaches: An Academic in Africa

Just as we were about to start, Andrew appeared on the other side of the fence, waxing wroth. Why had we broken into his field, who did we think we were, we had no permission to play there etc.,...

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Women’s Professional Football Challenges

Carter also states that societal beliefs about women's bodies affect the way they deal with pain and injuries. "While visible injuries on the field are dealt with similarly through a culture of...

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Taking the Olympiss

once the Five Ring Circus leaves, Stratford will be stripped of its Olympic flourishes and left behind to slowly rot once more, loomed over by a cold, distant Canary Wharf and scarred by poverty and...

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An Olympic Damper: How Rubbish Humans Really Are at Sports

Slower, Lower, Weaker. Well, we can’t use the proper Olympics motto in a Trebuchet news item, lest we get lynched by a team of predatory lawyers hellbent on protecting the copyright phrases and...

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Crazy Golf at Selfridges

As a veteran crazy golfer I approached the Selfridges course with low expectations. How could a ‘pop up’ on a department store roof offer the nightmare experience provided by an enormous...

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Zidane: A Strange Form Of Love

Zidane and Camus unlikely bedfellows a discussion of the film and it's implications...

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