Nitwit! Egghead! Twerp! Searching for the Funniest Words

Booty, booby, nitwit and hooter among the words which make us laugh most ...

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Don’t Get Your Cock Out. Good Gig Etiquette (Reeves Gabrels)

Suspiciously sticky floors and fingers at The Horn, St Albans...

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This year's EB program showcased cutting-egg nutrition research with wide-reaching public health implications of eaters of eggs....

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Joe Rogan ‘s Kale Shake Pt 2.

How to make Kale Shake without Kale. March / April growing season can mean that Kale is hard to come by. What next? Cavolo Nero....

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The most surreal science article ever.

transposable elements, or jumping genes, which are largely idle in mammals...

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Joe Rogan ‘s Kale Shake Recipe

How to make Joe Rogan's Kale Shake, which blender is the best to use if you can't afford a BlendTec blender and you're in the UK and you're a beginner. ...

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Fringe, It’s Quatertastic!

Insectoid Martian colonizers buried for millions of years under an East End tube station, hauntings by ghosts of extra-terrestrials, biological food vats that turn out to be alien life forms...

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Energy drinks/alcohol in casual sex shocker

'drinking Red Bull/vodka or Jagerbombs doesn't necessarily lead people to get drunk and become intimate with strangers, but it does increase the odds of doing so' There are times when the prim,...

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Sexual Fantasies Don’t Vary from Men to Women

You remember that old joke about 99% of men admit to masturbating, 1% admit to being liars? Seems that the respondents of a Spanish study into sexual fantasy haven't heard it. Fantasizing about...

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