Author: Marianne Pink

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What’s A Xylosynth? Johnny DeAngelis (Interview)

None more metal than a xylosynth player....

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Loitered Lens: Greenleaf

Photos from the Tommi and Arvid show as Greenleaf photosynthesise the Borderline...

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This our profession now: Truckfighters (Interview)

Many drummers, not so much partying, but plenty of fuzzy heads - Truckfighters...

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Loitered Lens: Vovoid

Images and inspiration from Vovoid's dissonant sonic assault at the Underworld...

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The riffs still come from my fingers (Tommi Holappa, Greenleaf)

Swedish semantics, Horror Lizards, and the eternal churn of stoner rock bands. Greenleaf speak....

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The dissonant tritone thing is very particular: Vovoid (Interview)

Vovoid's Denis 'Snake' Bélanger shares some nuggets (of wisdom) at Camden's Underworld...

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Entombed A.D. and Vovoid at Camden Underworld

Stagediving without nets. Blood and floorslime mingle at the Underworld...

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We just count on four and yell. Nico Elgstrand interview (Entombed A.D.)

Catching up with Entombed A.D.'s Nico Elgstrand for Grieg, Mozart and some yelling....

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Falling Backwards Through Jack Daniels (Soil, O2 Academy)

Soil, Sons of Texas and Liberty Lies blast the plaster off the walls at Islington's O2 Academy...

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Crackling Fuzz and Feelgood Soul: Blues Pills and Kadaver at Koko

Pop, blues, groove. Camden's Koko samples all three with Kadaver and Blues Pills. ...

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Paisley Prints and Polyrhythms: Goat (Live at The Coronet)

Witchdoctors, Crusaders, Curses. Goat bring the hudu to the Coronet...

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Sludging Up the Lady: Red Fang @ Koko (London)

Groovier than their norm, Red Fang give an early taster of their new album at Koko...

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