Fliers for Nigeria

Last Saturday I was supposed to hand out fliers for my university to students taking their JAMB tests.   This is the Nigerian equivalent of SATs, and you have to take it to get into (read more)

make better music. Trebuchet magazine

Make Better Music 60: Automation and the Human Form

On the plus side, a new generation (one that has grown up with remarkably powerful music tech tools) will do things with music software that are incredible, ground breaking, ear-catching and mind blowing. The downside may be a lot of people who mistake combining childlike stumbling in software that can automate everything, with actually doing something…and perhaps more importantly it may lead to a slight decline in people actually playing things. (read more)

No Picture

Cults announce UK tour

“David Lynch goes dreampop” – Guardian Guide   “11 hook-laden lullabies to be lured in by, all underpinned by a sultry menace that’s impossible to ignore” – Q   “Heartbreakingly good…(they) filter defiance, romantic disenchantment (read more)

make better music. Trebuchet magazine

Make Better Music 58: Go Where the Barriers Are

The idea is simple – things that are easy to do can be done by more people than things that are hard. You want to make your music available as a “self release” via a service like bandcamp? Go for it, it’s easy! The downside is, anyone can do it. In fact I could do a quick tune right now and have it on bandcamp in an hour. (read more)