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Summon the Crows – One More For the Gallows

Growling through concrete Norsk pounders test the rope. 

'One More For the Gallows' is the second full-length album by the Norwegian band Summon the Crows

The album contains 10 tracks of unrelenting crust, laden with black metal ambient riffs and twists. The production values crossing over into both genres, and managing to deliver a very convincing ambience.

I'm reminded of Napalm Death in a lot of ways, especially the vocalist, delivering a very “Barney-esc” type death growl throughout the entire record. Some of the more Grindcore like riffs are very similar to “Harmony Corruption” era Napalm Death, with a tip to the hat of other Crust artists “Doom”.

The songs never stray far from the 3 minute marker, but never feel rushed or forced with Summon the Crows managing to squeeze out every possible ounce of content within their average 2 minute track length.

Stand out tracks here are “Enter The Shadow of a Tyrant” which crashes into your ear drums like an elephant falling down a flight of stairs, and “Vivisection” the final track of the album, treating listeners to a more mid-slow paced introduction before smacking your face into a brick wall with wall of sound guitar work. 

A brutal and raw second album from the Crust crew, for fans of Napalm Death, Doom and Nausea

This compact disc is limited to a one-time pressing of 1,000  numbered copies. 


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