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New TV Series on the Hunt for London’s Young Emerging Artists

Next Big Thing is open to all artists between the ages of 17 and 30 who live, work or study in London, with finalists to be supported by renowned artists/mentors....

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UK’s Specialist Arts TV Channel Saved From the Chop

Critics say the new strategy means BBC Four will become a home for repeats with less investment in arts programming....

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NFTS Releases Key Findings of Graduate Impact Report

The National Film and Television School has evolved to become a leading global institution, developing some of Britain and the world’s top creative talent....

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BBC Director-General and Channel 4 CEO to Be Questioned by Lords

The Committee will question Lord Hall of Birkenhead and Alex Mahon as part of an ongoing inquiry into public service broadcasting in the age of VOD....

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Does On-Demand Video Spell the End for Public Service Broadcasters?

The House of Lords Communications Committee has called for evidence for its new inquiry which will investigate whether there is a future for public service broadcasting....

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Screen Nation Announce 2nd Black Hall of Fame

The Screen Nation Film & TV Awards return in October with the UK’s only hall of fame honouring individuals of British African Caribbean heritage....

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Brexit: It Was Ever Thus

Prescient plotical comment from the BBC, still relevant today....

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Can You Really Use Insects to Tell if A Body’s Been Moved?

Forensic entomology is more complicated than it looks on TV...

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Shake Your Inner Monkey: Movie Screenwriting and The Limbic Brain

Sex, Politics, Celebrity: What's on your monkey mind?...

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Can You Die From Watching TV?

Excessive daily TV watching may increase risk of death ...

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The Man in the Amazon Castle (No Spoilers)

Amazon Prime and Ridley Scott team up to bring Philip K Dick's The Man in the High Castle to the screen. Trebuchet recommends...

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TV at its most cynical. The Magician’s Apprentice (Doctor Who)

Audience figures for Saturday night’s mess are the lowest ever for a Who series opener. You’d think they would have got the hint....

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Too Much Telly Gets Your Toddler… Bullied?!

The toddler 's TV watching habits were reported by their parents and their victimization in grade 6 was self-reported by the children themselves....

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Forgiving Jeremy Clarkson: Forgiving Ourselves. [Top Gear]

The culture wars have become so divisive, even the organisation that tolerated Jimmy Savile is obliged now to take sides....

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Zombiezzzzzzzz: Putting the genre to rest

Hordes of undead roaming the streets are one thing, but stagnant and creatively bankrupt popular culture that never goes away is another. It’s time the genre got shot in the head....

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