mental health

Searching out the Most Taboo Taboo. Any Guesses?

UC Santa Barbara sociologist explores 'the hidden literature of shame'...

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Like Drugs? Like Booze? You May Have a Heightened Suicide Risk

Simultaneous cocaine and alcohol use linked to heightened suicide risk ...

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No Nookie for the Picky: How Sexual Perfectionism Puts Women Off

When women feel their partner demands perfection, sex life suffers ...

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Klever Kitty! Scientists Isolate the Antidepressant Component of Ketamine

Team IDs brain circuit involved in party drug's antidepressant effect ...

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Three Squares a Day to Eat Yourelf Sane

venly-spaced meals and plenty of sleep could be the way to better mental health. You might go insane trying to arrange the above, however. Might living a structured life with regularly established...

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Family Dinners Destroy Cyberbullying

Family dinners may help protect teens from the consequences of cyberbullying. ...

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Sleepless restless

"We may have solved the mystery of why getting rid of sleepless patients' urge to move their legs doesn't improve their sleep," Prof Allen says....

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Hot Memory, Cold Sore

The virus that causes cold sore s, along with other viral or bacterial infections, may be associated with cognitive problems...

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Counterfeit i : Mindfulness and Music

'Dark' music can be empowering because in listening to it, your mind is brought through some places that you may not go on your own....

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Sexuality and Dementia

Managing the delicate issue of sexual expression amongst people with dementia. Sexuality and Dementia study produced by Griffith University....

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Family dinners nourish good mental health

Benefits of family meals to good mental health examined in a large community sample of adolescents....

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Aural Fix – Counterfeit I

Chicago band Counterfeit I release an EP with the functional aim of helping those dealing with pain and depression....

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Mental Health Infrastructure Forgets Youth

Mental health facilities that provide outpatient specialty services for youth are a critical element of the mental health care infrastructure, especially for youth who are uninsured or publically...

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Protest: People with learning disabilities take part in ‘Activity and Action’

People with learning disabilities take part in ‘Activity and Action’ day to help Westminster City Councillors to understand the effect of their services being ‘reclassified’....

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Protest: Westminster disadvantaged at risk by changes to social care policy

Protest: Westminster disadvantaged at risk by changes to social care policy...

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