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Legal Weed: Do Young’uns Now Toke More, or Do More Young’uns Toke?

What impact may legalization of recreational marijuana in Oregon have on teen marijuana use?...

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Sex Sells: Colonising the Universal Commodity

Institutional sexual arrogance will only stop when it stops being rewarded...

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Drop and Roll: 3 Million Americans Carry Handguns

Most American gun-carriers are male, and cite protection as their primary reason...

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Mass Shootings Sell More Guns, So Don’t Expect To See Them Stop

Scared of guns? So get a gun! The unstoppable 'logic' of the firearm owner...

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The real cost of music?

Suffering for your art is common practice, but is it worth dying for?...

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Nature Imagery Soothes Prisoners

Nature images, shown to people deprived of access to nature, can reduce tension and help defuse anger...

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Nothing Changes: Isn’t ‘Deep State’ just the ‘Civil Service’?

Whatever you choose to call it, the wheels within wheels always have the power...

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WHAT Does it Say About Me?! Should Fiction Depict Real People?

When artistic freedom violates somebody's privacy ...

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Return Trip? Magic Mushrooms and Cancer

Psilocybin relieves anxiety and depression in patients with advanced cancer ...

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Ban the Burkini? Or Ban Middle-Aged White Male Decision-Makers?

Legislation covers everyone, not just the few women who dress in a way you find threatening...

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Music Legal Opportunism (or Why I Own All Your Music)

Short of a buck? Why not dabble in the lucrative growth business of Music Legal Opportunism...

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Can Japanese Knotweed Land You In Jail? Exeter University Advises Extreme Wariness

Be wary of knotweed advice on the web, researchers warn. ...

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Sounds Unfair: The Plight of Britain’s Independent Music Venues

A quiet disaster has been happening in our town and city centres, only now are we doing something about it...

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Secret Trade Courts: are the scales TTIPing?

Tobacco companies could get litigious if a country passes laws to help people quit smoking. Agrochemicals companies could throw the book at governments that block chemicals they consider dangerous....

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Legal Aid Cuts – Justice Denied

A criminal defence solicitor speaks out against legal aid cuts...

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Legal Aid in Danger: Cuts to Penalise the Poor.

The consultation period for the proposed changes to legal aid is set to close on the 14th of February. The Miscarriages of Justice website MOJUK lists the importance of legal aid and how the proposed...

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