Nothing Changes: Isn’t ‘Deep State’ just the ‘Civil Service’?

Whatever you choose to call it, the wheels within wheels always have the power

The fact that Donald Trump became president against the desires of the deep state does not mean the deep state does not exist or is bereft of power or possesses little influence.

As was the case with the Clinton Cartel, they were shocked and surprised by Trump’s victory. Their reversal of fortune was incurred by their sense of infallibility. By their sheer hubris. Just because they are deeply embedded in the body politic of the sham republic does not mean they are prescient or even smart.

Madame Deplorable did perform the seemingly impossible; she prevented Trump, a two-legged toxic waste dump leak, from defeating himself. And liberals and Democratic partisans are taking the same self-defeating course by siding with anti-democratic forces of the deep state.An illustration by Dan Booth

The deep state, in the form of their de facto operatives in the Washington Post e.g., Ben Bradley and Bob Woodward, did bring down Richard Nixon. Yes, Nixon was an odious presence but how much good did the act do in the long run insofar as undoing the insidious, unilateral power of the Executive Branch? In contrast, Ronald Reagan was a deep state lackey — when he was awake and clutching his rubber stamp, that is — thus he was not dispatched to his (faux) ranch in Santa Barbara, despite the anti-constitutional crimes attendant to the Iran-Contra scandal.

Fact is: The US was at its inception run by a cabal of slave-holding, powdered wig-bedecked aristocrats who enshrined property rights over human rights, with the intention of protecting and expanding their own power, wealth, and influence. Since that time the US has always been a sham republic, one established to buffer the powerful from the aspirations of the underclass. And liberals place in it has been to act as the buffer zone between the underclass and capitalist power. Hence, their role in the Russians-Ate-Hillary’s-Homework disinformation campaign.

Image by Dan Booth. Not to be reproduced without express prior permission.

Phil Rockstroh
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