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Loitered Lens: Demented Are Go

Welsh Psychobillies Demented Are Go inflict themselves upon Watford's Old Brewery for another evening of ill-mannered disarray....

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Death, Thrash, Horror. No Garlic: With Primeval Force (Vampire)

Vampire's second album, With Primeval Force, has all the fangs it needs...

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All of our blood was confiscated at customs: Ice Nine Kills (Interview)

Boston metalcore horror freaks Ice Nine Kills explain everything...

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Consumed By Cronenberg

For the Canadian master of body horror, novel-writing is a cut too far...

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Tightly controlled musical chaos: Retrogore (Aborted)

Aborted prove that the sicker the theme, the more intense the impact...

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Why is Lovecraft so Sexy?

'the man himself was an eccentric, though charming, recluse with a genteel nature and an intense dislike of seafood'...

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James Herbert: Ash [Audiobook]

Suddenly, what should have been a relaxing holiday in an area of stark natural beauty became a torturous experience, as if we were trapped in an overlong horror novel with too much description and...

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