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Loitered Lens: Demented Are Go

Welsh Psychobillies Demented Are Go inflict themselves upon Watford’s Old Brewery for another evening of ill-mannered disarray.

The essence of Punk may come in a sprawling diaspora of styles in this nefarious digital era, but may it ever remain flamboyant as Wales’s Demented Are Go.

Eccentricity and more cans of hairspray than we’ve had hot dinners make for very visually noisy bedfellows. Fortunately, the Psychobilly horror-punks still match that in spades with the kind of irreverent racket that should, by rights, make your Grandad inhale his copy of the Mail. Take a peek for yourself.

Photos: Nick Henderson. Not to be reproduced without express prior permission.
Demented Are Go played at Watford’s Old Brewery on February 3rd 2018 with Blue Carpet Band and Thee Creepfreaks. Our ears are still ringing.


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