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Find The Fish

For the first time, locations on the human genome have been identified that can explain differences in meaning in life between individuals. ...

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Genehunters: Genome Sequencing While you Wait

Kew Scientists sequence a whole genome on a Welsh mountainside to identify a plant species within hours...

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Summer Superfood Alert: Red Algae

What makes red algae so different and why should we care? ...

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By the Breath of Horus! Genome Data from Egyptian Mummies

Study finds that ancient Egyptians were most closely related to ancient populations from the Near East...

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Stop Playing God! The Downside to Resurrecting Extinct Species

Resurrecting extinct species might come at a terrible cost ...

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Can We Make Tomatoes Tasty Again?

Genetic selection for more sizable tomatoes has cost sweetness and flavor. How do we get it back?...

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First World Problems: Decoding the Uncombable Hair Gene

Uncombable hair gene discovered ...

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Is That Russet, Vermillion or Pheophytin A? The Science of Autumn

Mendel's Stay-Green gene encodes an enzyme that extracts magnesium from chlorophyll, colouring our Autumn vistas...

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You WILL Go Into The Round Hole! Genomics Creates Climateproof Grapes

Genomics breakthrough paves way for climate-tolerant wine grape varieties ...

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Black is the New Pink. Black Pigs, Better Bacon

New mutation found that suggests humans across the world have selected and bred black pigs...

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Gene Sequencing Shows the History of Beer Yeast

Newly applied sequencing techniques reveal the history of beer yeast...

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Are You Depressive, Positive, or Both? Cognitive Bias Explains the Link

Same genes could make us prone to both happiness and depression ...

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Music, motor function, learning and memory

Playing music enhanced the activity of genes involved in dopaminergic neurotransmission, motor function, learning and memory....

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The Yucky Secrets of the Housefly

Scientists have sequenced the house fly genome for the first time, revealing robust immune genes...

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