About Political Correctness

Political correctness is not actually about quelling ‘freedom of speech’ for the sake of defending others from offense....

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Different Gender, Different Words. How Mothers Talk to Kids

Parent-child conversations are gendered, with mothers talking more expressively to their daughters than their sons. Report...

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Veiled Racism, Veiled Sexism

Shouldn’t everyone be allowed to wear whatever she or he wants, whether it’s a veil, a rubber miniskirt or a clown outfit? Should the State really be able to tell us how we must or mustn’t...

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Why ‘Chav’ is a Feminist Issue

The discourse around ‘chavs’ can be a cover for denigrating the social agency and sexual autonomy of working-class women, as well as wider political attacks on the working class. ...

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Race, class, gender, sexuality, age, geography, identity and the economic inequality our system requires, comes down on women’s lives brutally....

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Life’s a bitch but Thatcher was a politician

"Women are human" shocker. Yes, even Margaret Thatcher....

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Men and women get sick in different ways

A new study highlights evidence for considerable differences between the sexes in five domains – cardiovascular disease, cancer, liver diseases, osteoporosis, and pharmacology....

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Marketing Stereotypes to Gender

Marketing technique: Activating gender stereotypes just to knock 'em down....

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Cis or gender. What’s Your Privilege?

Transphobia is not about an academic term, it is about the reality of living in a country where you can’t even guarantee your doctor will speak to you like a human being, and where the risk of...

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Big Bird and Your Brain

Using brain scans of children and adults watching Big Bird on Sesame Street, cognitive scientists are learning how children's brains change as they develop intellectual abilities like reading and...

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Girls better at school, worse at tests

Why do girls get better grades in elementary school than boys—even when they perform worse on standardized tests?...

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HIV protection gel!

Vaginal microbicide gel may offer a promising strategy for prevention and protection against HIV transmission....

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Tea As Irresponsible as whiskey?

Put the kettle on? When tea drinkers were viewed as irresponsible as whiskey drinkers....

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The Christmas spirit

As the nights draw in and the temperature begins to drop, many of us will be thinking of ways to warm up on the dark winter nights. However, few would think that remembering days gone by would be an...

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Warzone Sex-Violence Levels ‘negligible’ (U.N.)

HSRP director Andrew Mack, disputes the common assumption that conflict-related sexual violence is on the rise...

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Lydia Lunch: The Lexington

Fresh from her performance at the Manchester 'Fat-out' festival, Lydia Lunch relished the part of 'Mistress of Ceremonies', showcasing various friends and new talents that she had cobbled together...

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The ‘Buffy Effect’ and Violent Media

"Positive depictions of women challenge negative stereotypes even when the content includes sexuality and violence. In this way Ferguson reminds us that viewers often process popular media portrayals...

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Anklepants (Reechard Farché)

Anklepants is the electronic barrel organ of your Freudian nightmares . The nightmares where you are being psychoanalyzed by a traveling salesman with a penis for a face. It's a silly stuff that...

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Women’s Professional Football Challenges

Carter also states that societal beliefs about women's bodies affect the way they deal with pain and injuries. "While visible injuries on the field are dealt with similarly through a culture of...

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Stressed Men Prefer Heavier Women

People idealize mature morphological traits like heavier body size when they experience an environmental threat such as stress....

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Prodigy vs Mutiny: Art’s Promising Future? Pt. Two

This review is the second chapter in my critical assessment, Part 1 examined Future Map 10, a pretentious and ostentatious shindig overly concerned with prestige. In this second chapter I am...

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Prodigy vs Mutiny: Art’s Promising Future? Pt. One

Prodigy vs Mutiny: Art’s Promising Future? Pt. One...

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For Sale: Future Trophy Wife

Parents to clamp down on the sexy child market. The UK Government is setting up a governing body to assess and prevent over-sexualisation of children in marketing, advertising and product sales....

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