The Christmas spirit

As the nights draw in and the temperature begins to drop, many of us will be thinking of ways to warm up on the dark winter nights. However, few would think that remembering days gone by would be an effective way of keeping warm. But research from the University of Southampton has shown that feeling nostalgic can make us feel warmer. (read more)


Lydia Lunch: The Lexington

Fresh from her performance at the Manchester ‘Fat-out’ festival, Lydia Lunch relished the part of ‘Mistress of Ceremonies’, showcasing various friends and new talents that she had cobbled together for this unusual London event. As is to be expected, she’s a damn fine ‘Mistress of Ceremonies’ too. (read more)


Anklepants (Reechard Farché)

Anklepants is the electronic barrel organ of your Freudian nightmares . The nightmares where you are being psychoanalyzed by a traveling salesman with a penis for a face. It’s a silly stuff that exists on the disturbed fringes of something ‘artistic’ but saves itself by being fun and accessible. (read more)

Pregnant Woman

For Sale: Future Trophy Wife

Parents to clamp down on the sexy child market.

The UK Government is setting up a governing body to assess and prevent over-sexualisation of children in marketing, advertising and product sales. Citing examples of children’s lap-dancing kits, playboy pencil cases and t-shirts in preteen sizes featuring the slogans such ‘future trophy wife’ it is claimed that children are being sexualised inappropriately for their age. (read more)