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West Coast Loitering in the Loneliest Funk of LA Priest

A review of LA Priest's Gene, a masterpiece of funky isolation. Made on a homemade drum machine of the same name, there is a lot to appreciate here....

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Going Down the Soul Mine?

The Soul Mine returns to Hanway Social for a late night of soul, funk and 60s sharp cuts...

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Paisley Prints and Polyrhythms: Goat (Live at The Coronet)

Witchdoctors, Crusaders, Curses. Goat bring the hudu to the Coronet...

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Loitered Lens: 4th Labyrinth

Photos of the exuberant 4th Labyrinth at Cambridge Rock Festival 2016...

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Vomit, Velour and Quizzical Quips at Islington Assembly Hall (Barry Adamson)

Fresh from collaborations with luminaries as bright as Nick Cave and David Lynch, Barry Adamson blends the genres onstage in Islington. Review...

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Trioscapes : Digital Dream Sequence

Throbs with a primal, sweaty and utterly invigorating energy that transcends jazz, funk, metal or rock...

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Lettuce : Ronnie Scott’s

Replacing the jazz paunch with the funk punch their heavy grooves are less about flow than tight stacked combinations of counterpoint, attack and accent, all leading to a 16th bar finishing move...

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Mono/Poly – Manifestations

The slow and sexy presets of Mono/Poly 's Manifestations represent smart funk at its unique best....

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