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Abstract Formalism and Grafisk Världsbyggnad

Understanding formal tendencies in Ambient Drone music through the work of France Jobin (Solitude) and Ager Sonus (Mithra)...

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Battle Standards (Talker)

Cold, then colder still. Talker emboss style and character onto the electronic music mileu...

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Dying Swans? Gira Calls Time at the Roundhouse

The raging soul beneath the dust and disaster. Swans sing their swansong....

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Mastery in Sound: Swans (Live at Islington Assembly)

A resounding farewell to a visceral lineup, Swans configure an unparalleled sonic onslaught...

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Crystal Dwarf (KOMORA A)

Mysterious, focussed, disciplined. Komora A put some backbone into ambient....

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Apres Release Avant-Hard (Swans and SikTh)

Unheralded gems from the underworld of avant-garde rock that you should have heard already...

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An Ominous and Unsettling Ambience: #1 (Daghraven)

Intricately constructed and spanning the gap between melancholy and tragedy, Daghraven makes for brooding archeological listening...

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Post Punk Drone and Cultural Imperialism. (Wire)

Wire - A band so good they named both a cult TV series and a snotty music magazine after them. Live review...

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Aidan Baker : Already Drowning

seven portraits of acoustic melancholy, distorted love and gothic eroticism...

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King of Drone : Aidan Baker Interview

More than a feeling : Trebuchet interviews eclectic drone maestro Aidan Baker about a bunch of random stuff that we wanted to know. ...

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Tim Hecker – Rave Death, 1972

Deeply entranced, I imagine the black and white noise which is resonating around the room as scattered photographs. These sepia toned images are of nothing and everything, of people I know and those...

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Earth –  Angels of Darkness, Demons Of Light 1

Southern Lord (2011) Earth’s latest offering, Angels of Darkness, Demons of Light 1, shows a definite development from the heavy drone aesthetic of yore, encompassing a variety of influences...

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Earth –  A Bureaucratic Desire for Extra Capsular Extractions

The opening song for this despondent treat is like the unfolding of a questionably green powdered orange, the insides of Earth evoking a terrified awe when revealed. An album which creeps up on you,...

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