The art of stealing art

The art of stealing art Noah Charney...

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‘Weapons’ Removed From Van Gogh Sculpture

Controversial items relating to the artist's life were scrapped from original design over fears they could be linked to drug, knife and gun crime....

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Stealing Stanley Spencer

Stanley Spencer is an important British artist and any excuse to pay tribute to him is worth while, following the recovery of a stolen painting he is in the news. ...

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Psychedelic Drugs: Could they Actually LOWER Crime?

New study suggests psychedelic drugs may reduce criminal behavior ...

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Can You Really Use Insects to Tell if A Body’s Been Moved?

Forensic entomology is more complicated than it looks on TV...

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Not Such Bad Hombres: Crime is Lower Where Immigration is Higher

Four decades of evidence finds no link between immigration and increased crime ...

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Pimp My Profile: The Unstoppable Rise of Online Prostitution

Prostitution has gone online - and pimps are thriving ...

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Sugar, Spice and Shrapnel. How Female Terrorists Control Extreme Networks

Study reveals that although women remain under the radar in terrorist organizations, they hold the networks together...

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Revenge: Best Served Cold, or Not At All?

Revenge is (bitter)sweet, study confirms ...

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More Women at Work, More Murders. Gender Equality and Homicide Increase

The greater a country's gender equality in employment, the higher its homicide rate ...

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Babyfaced Killer or Killerfaced Baby. Can You Tell?

Facial cues conveying trustworthiness are malleable while facial cues conveying competence and ability are significantly less so...

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Death on the Fault Line

Torture, blood sacrifice and sinister messages extracted from Beatles lyrics. The final surges of the California Death Ray. ...

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The Drug Dealers and Their Money Men

Legal marijuana dispensaries can't deposit their money, despite the fact that American banks have conspired with violent drug cartels for years. ...

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A Stab in the Dark : Mugger Patterns

The first study to look at the hourly pattern of street robbery in London found a 160% rise in the rate of muggings during the hours of darkness in the capital...

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