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The Serenely Uncanny Sound of Destruction: Foster Neville

How do fake folk memories and an uncanny set of influences inform a new electronic music release? Alexei Monroe reviews Foster Neville's The Edge of Destruction on Bibliotapes....

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Woman of Substances (Jenny Valentish)

Addiction isn’t gender neutral, and neither is mental health....

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A Decade of ‘Delics: Shroom, Ten Years On

Ten years later, the cultural history of the magic mushroom still gathers fans and furore...

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An Iconography Of Chance (99 Photographs Of The Evanescent South)

Tav Falco presents a lifetime's worth of photography from a colourful and cool past and present...

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In New York City with the Hepatitis Bathtub

En route to NYC for a NOFX book signing, Scott Laudati takes the Red Sox and racism trail...

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Talk Talk Live Night and Book Launch

The Spirit of Talk Talk book launch, bands, album playback, animations and afterparty brings the chills to the Clapham Grand....

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Tom De Freston : The Charnel House [Book]

One of the major successes of de Freston's imagery lies in the fantastically delicate positioning of the horrible and the harrowing with the everyday...

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Berlin, Techno and the Fall of the Wall

A rich document of a remarkable period in the life of the city....

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Pagan Britain (and Ronald Hutton)

Qithin the generous limits imposed by the evidence you're free to imagine the past how you like....

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Neil Gaiman at the Barbican

For an hour or so, we could almost taste the wetted air of foggy heaths and breathe the scent of mythical caves....

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This is Not a Book About Gavin Turk

By expounding upon Turk's themes, recurrences and symbolic obsessions, a profile develops which is, enchantingly, acres more telling than a full-frontal biographic assault...

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Geoff Thompson : The Caretaker

Were it not for occasional cultural references or linguistic signposts, The Caretaker could indeed be mistaken for an established liturgical text....

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Ministry : Drug Gospels by Al Jourgensen

'As Al puts it: the guy that was supposed to have his back was clamped on it'. The Ministry story, according to Jourgenson....

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