The Wind, Bells, Falls of Lee and Bertucci 

Lea Bertucci and Robbie Lee's highly explorative and improvisational album renders reality with the weird. ...

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Hymns of Isolation: No Wilderness Deep Enough

No Wilderness Deep Enough, the devastating new record from Neurosis' Steve Von Till, is a masterful exploration of darkness and texture. Epic!...

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Tunnels of ĀH Menaces in a Deathless Mind

Discordant industrial noise fractures into something new entirely, emphasising a rich, overwhelming soundscape....

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Quiet Assumption: The rise of Cryo Chamber

Simon Heath's Dark Ambient label Cryo Chamber continues it's rising path of turbulent soundscapes and passionate drone....

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Abstract Formalism and Grafisk Världsbyggnad

Understanding formal tendencies in Ambient Drone music through the work of France Jobin (Solitude) and Ager Sonus (Mithra)...

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Shamanic Falterings Amongst the Valleys of Tone

Musician Ben Frost meanders at the ICA 2017...

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Kotä: Selected Works of Experimental Music and Art Expo

The Russians aren't coming. But you can go to them. And should....

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Pact Infernal on Stroboscopic Artefacts (Monad XXV)

Architectural depth and space, dark sonics, incantatory beats - Stroboscopic Artefacts produce the goods once more...

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Staring into the Eye of the Soundscape (Riverside)

Forging on after the death of guitarist Piotr Grudziński, Riverside continue to intrigue...

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Crystal Dwarf (KOMORA A)

Mysterious, focussed, disciplined. Komora A put some backbone into ambient....

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An Ominous and Unsettling Ambience: #1 (Daghraven)

Intricately constructed and spanning the gap between melancholy and tragedy, Daghraven makes for brooding archeological listening...

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Peau froide, léger soleil (Vainio & Vigroux)

A review of the Cosmo Rhythmatic label's third release: Vanio & Vigroux's Peau Froid, Leger Soleil...

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De Aeris In Sublunaria Influxu (Troum & Raison d’être)

De Aeris In Sublunaria Influxu is not an album whose complexity or power can be instantly grasped. It requires some time and effort....

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An uncomfortable imbalance. ∆GO (Lilies On Mars)

Neither too soft to be described as background, or loud enough to be defined as foreground, Lilies on Mars straddle the genres....

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A muscular form of ambient: Near Dark (Gideon Wolf)

Emotional complexity and implied narrative - Gideon Wolf's ambient electronica has heart...

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An undercurrent of groove and funk… gone dull. [Polar Bear]

Two tracks in, and the band departs to leave the irritatingly named Leafcutter John to give the audience a few minutes of meandering ambient nonsense....

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Composing With Particle Interactions. How Does the Invisible Sound?

here is a lot going on in Q07, particularly for a record which qualifies wholeheartedly as ambient noodling. Thanks to the obliging folk at Farmacia901 the reviewed version of the album is a 24-Bit...

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Boilersuit in a field [The Orb]

I always think of “Towers of Dub” as The Orb in microcosm. Although at around 15 minutes it’s not particularly micro, which I suppose is part of the point. But with that brilliant sample...

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Pan American – For Waiting, For Chasing

Pan American is no stranger to the art of soundscapes...

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