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Tankard – A Compilation of Inebriation

Thrash Metal, like most genres, has its tropes. Those same reoccurring themes which pop up in the lyrics, inspirations or meanings behind the songs....

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Alcohol Boosts Recall (and, Usually, Regret)

Alcohol boosts recall of earlier learning ...

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What’s Your Drunk Personality?

Your personality may change when you drink, but less than you think ...

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Life In the Fast Lane (to A&E): Energy Drinks and Alcohol

Energy drinks mask alcohol's effects, and could increase injury risk ...

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Drinking for Two. Does Marriage Increase or Decrease Alcohol Consumption?

Does marriage affect drinking? A new study provides insights ...

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Absolut-ly Shocking. Children, and the Impact of Alcohol Advertising

Middle-school kids see several alcohol ads a day ...

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Weed or Wine – What’s Your Poison?

No easy answers in UW study of legal marijuana's impact on alcohol use ...

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Free Alcohol! Comet Lovejoy’s Interstellar Booze Cruise

Researchers catch Comet Lovejoy giving away alcohol ...

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Well-preserved or Just Pickled? Old Age and Harmful Drinking

Harmful drinking in later life is more prevalent among people who exhibit a lifestyle associated with affluence and with a 'successful' ageing process...

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Smartphone App Says ‘Go Home, You’re Drunk’

The Alcohol Tracker smartphone app enables users to log the number of beers/shots/glasses of wine they have knocked back on a given day which it then tots up for them in units...

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New Approaches to College Drinking

Crackdown on low-priced serving methods such as kegs and "happy hours."...

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Tackling Obeersity : Calorie Labels on Booze

Most were completely unaware that alcohol contributed to the total calories that they consumed....

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A world of new beers! Raise a glass to the Finns

dropcap style=”font-size:100px; color:#992211;”H/dropcapelsinki. Lakes. Rally drivers. Awkward silences. Prolonged awkward silences. That’s all we knew about Finland. But now...

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Beer Without Biff : Putting the Flavour Back in Alcohol-Free

Beer: making 'alcohol-free' varieties more palatable for the consumer...

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“Now for seconds”: Rewarding Substances

A new study in Biological Psychiatry reports that Poor impulse control contributes to one's inability to control the consumption of rewarding substances, like food, alcohol, and other drugs....

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Glass Half Full?

The speed at which an alcoholic beverage is drunk will influence the level of intoxication experienced, and also the number of drinks consumed in a single drinking session. Therefore, slowing...

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