Author: R. Falk Fisher

R. Falk Fisher writes daily. He wished he was somewhere else until he realized he was there.

Gust(on) Winds of Wisdom

In this 120-page masterpiece, Philip Guston’s daughter, Musa Mayer, simply and effectively presents her father’s life and art as a kind of graphic novel triptych....

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Virginia Woolf Might Have Preferred an Audiobook

What Was Virginia Woolf Afraid Of? shines brightest when it focuses not on Woolf’s life, but on her actual words and how she used them. ...

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Helmut Newton’s Naughty Little Self

In person, Helmut Newton was downright disarming, innocent and a little boyish. Until you saw the pictures. And then… he morphed into something downright dangerous. ...

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Finding Your Own North Star (Man)

The depth and breadth of authors and pieces in Me and the Starman is nearly as impressive as the number and variance of Bowie’s identities and body of work. ...

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Espresso, Chianti… Maser-a-ti!

In 2020: The Summer of COVID, interweb-streaming Italian-racecar cool is about as close to true freedom as car buffs are likely to get. ...

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When Gonzo Met Farce

Conception unknown, The Buried Spitfires of Burma: A ‘Fake’ History is a tortured love child of Thompson’s Rum Diary and Poe’s "Gold Bug". ...

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Gorillas, Trains, Whips and Chains

Barring no holds, Hollywood Bound is a well-curated, hilariously captioned collection of major-studio movie bondage that serves up equal helpings entertainment and old-Hollywood nostalgia. ...

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His Holiness Blinded Me With Science

If the viewer focuses intensely in The Dalai Lama: Scientist, such effort will be rewarded with insight, if not total consciousness…...

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A Book for the Ages About Making a Movie for the Ages

Christopher John Frayling’s Once Upon a Time in the West: Shooting a Masterpiece is a book for the ages about making a movie for the ages. ...

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Black Sabbath: Master of Couplets

The Doom Duo, of course, is Black Sabbath and Paranoid. “Black Sabbath”’s first minute is THE ore of all metal. ...

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