Author: Alexander Clarke

Alexander Clarke is a writer, artist and teacher who specializes in Asian Traditions. Influenced by correlational thinking, his writing utilises imagery, narrative and Socratic dialogue to explore the interplay between subject and object, signified and signifier and aesthetics and meaning.

Cinematic Horror’s Punk Revival: Bunuel

Bunuel’s Killers Like Us as an exploration of evil through dissonance, unpredictability and dark poetry. ...

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Inside Our Nostalgia: Eleanor May Watson

A review of Eleanor May Watson’s exhibition Curtains Drawn at Wilder Gallery...

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The Empowered Salon of the Queer

A review of imagery and technique at Guts Gallery’s Salon...

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The Wind, Bells, Falls of Lee and Bertucci 

Lea Bertucci and Robbie Lee's highly explorative and improvisational album renders reality with the weird. ...

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Kings Never Die: Christian Boltanski’s Esprit

The Manege's Central Exhibition Hall holds Esprits, Christian Boltanski’s first-ever solo exhibition at St Petersburg....

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Hark the Nordic Sirens of Hypnotic Cinema

Göteborg Film Festival promises a genre-breaking crossover of vision and transcendence. ...

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Poetry in the Precision: Jordan Ann Craig

An interview with Jordan Ann Craig about the thunderstorms that caused her to dream. ...

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Primordial Whispers at Arusha Gallery

An epistemological exhibition on forbidden philosophies, folk knowledge and intuitive spirits via Arusha Gallery...

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Dreaming in Northern Cheyenne: Jordan Ann Craig

Jordan Ann Craig’s exhibition reworks Northern Cheyenne quill and bead patterns, positioning them to explore space, time, our environment, and cultural memories ...

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Black Sabbath Hate Witches

Black Sabbath's unfounded prejudice against magical traditions and the friendly witches of our community...

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