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Make Better Music 63: Simplicity vs Complexity

Sometimes I like to overload a song with overdubs and production tricks – if that is what suits it. More can be more in this case. Of course the opposite is also true, less intensely produced music can seem more natural (more direct) to the listener…but I think there are many reasons why using “less is more” as a general rule is bonkers. (read more)

No Picture

Maguett – Twilight EP

Brace yourselves, Moscow-based musical technician Maguett has been tricking about with a PowerMac between lectures and is about to unleash 'a brand new monument called IBM : Intelligent Bass Music' upon us. Unfortunately, it really is that bad. (read more)


Nils Frahm – Felt

Pianists's fingers knurl and bulge with the same blunt mutantcy as freshly-dug jerusalem artichokes. Easy as it is to imagine the rigours on the hands of Prokofiev's yard-long keyboard swoops, or the Jerry Lee Lewis (read more)