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Trace Elements: Together

A few years back, a female friend of mine married a man who was/is bisexual. I remember she told me – that if they walked along the street together and a hot woman passed by who caught his eye, this was something that Jenna could compete against. However, if his attention was grabbed by a man, she couldn’t.

When she explained this, there was a pain, a sadness and I felt it with her.

With relationships, once the rose-tinted spectacles period is over, these cracks in the road inevitably trip you. Either love-blindness or insecurities meant Jenna’s weren’t dealt with early enough. Relationship therapists say it ends like it starts if problems aren’t fixed. They turn toxic.

So when Jenna first caught herself falling for a man with an appetite for something she could never deliver – should she have cut and run (I was tempted to write walk on bi)? Or would that have made for a life un-lived?

p.s. They were divorced last year and her name isn’t really Jenna.

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