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Water & Working-Class Women: Jill McKnight at VITRINE

Opening on 23 January 2022, Jill McKnight's first London exhibition will include sculptural works, drawings, prints, paintings and a new audio work...

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Subversive Women: Prudence Flint

Melbourne-based painter Prudence Flint on her process, challenging patriarchy and the colour pink...

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The Performer and Audience Create the Work Together: Marina Abramović

The "godmother of performance art" speaks to Millie Walton about immortality, eroticism and the public body...

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Submissions Now Open for 16 Days 16 Films

Now in its third year, the initiative, which advocates to combat violence against women, will take place from 25 November – 10 December 2020....

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Shextreme Film Tour Goes Nationwide

The world’s first film festival celebrating women in extreme sports and adventure launches its first UK tour this winter....

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Constraint and Liberty: Making Waves in Myanmar

Burmese artist Chuu Wai Nyein is making waves with provocative images that have proved controversial in her home country, known for its socially conservative views towards women....

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YZ: Street Artist Makes Image for New French Stamps

President Macron has selected an image for a new set of French stamps designed by YZ, a Franco-British street artist whose work celebrates strong women....

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Women’s Talk Outed by Florida Psychologist

Tania Reynolds, Psychology, Florida State University at Tallahassee (FSU Photography Services) Tania Reynolds has written in The Journal of Experimental Psychology about the ways in which women...

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Anti-Trump Protests? Yes Please. Pro-Democrats Protests? No Thanks.

Anti-Trump protests will lead nowhere if allowed to be channeled into the service of the Democratic Party. ...

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Ban the Burkini? Or Ban Middle-Aged White Male Decision-Makers?

Legislation covers everyone, not just the few women who dress in a way you find threatening...

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No Calculator in the Kitchen? Why Girls From Progressive Countries are Better at Maths

Girls from progressive societies do better at maths, study finds ...

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The Timeline of Being a Woman

Political activist Lisa Muggeridge chronicles the ways culture, politics and society combine to control women's lives....

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Women Avoid Applying for ‘Mens” Jobs

TUM have discovered something that actually does deter women from applying for a job, even if they are qualified: the wording of the job ads....

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Women: Over-Strained, Under-Utilized

Women have fought for the right to be equal but still struggle compared to men. We might as well be fed last if we are to be fed less....

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Sex and Women, It’s a Magazine Thing. Or not.

"Our results suggest that the complex and sometimes conflicting representations of female sexuality proliferating in the mass media and popular culture could potentially have both empowering and...

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