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Anti-Trump Protests? Yes Please. Pro-Democrats Protests? No Thanks.

Anti-Trump protests will lead nowhere if allowed to be channeled into the service of the Democratic Party.

anti trump protests

[dropcap style=”font-size:100px; color:#992211;”]I[/dropcap]f you possess a sincere desire to protest the forces that allowed Trump to become president, in addition to blocking public streets, bridges and highways, you should beat a path to the offices of the High-Dollar-owned and controlled, primary-rigging hacks at the Democratic National Committee.

Their gaming of their primary process for a candidate so odious, so inept and unappealing that she managed to perform the seemingly impossible (i.e., preventing the Popinjay-In-Chief from defeating himself) is the primary factor that created our present circumstance.

Mass protest. Good. Civil disobedience and popular resistance. Even better. I am all for it. But where was your resistance to the criteria that the labouring class, minorities, and the impoverished faced on a daily basis under the corporate/imperialist quisling Obama? Nice of you to finally notice, liberals. And it took the election and presidency of Trump for you to experience angst and show concern about the situation because…?

Anti-Trump protests, online memes, and general liberal outrage will lead nowhere if allowed to be merely channeled into the service of the Democratic Party. Their candidates, yes, even Elizabeth Warren and Saint Bernie, are Judas goats. Trump’s ascension to power was enabled by the selective morality, wilful blindness, lesser-of-two-evil casuistry, snark-before-self-awareness, psychological projection, and belligerent obtuseness inherent to liberals. If one truly does desire to put up an honest and effective fight, the first battle that must be won is the war with the enemy within oneself.Buy, consume, buy

After you have survived the battle, and you will, — if the dead-behind-the-eyes, gasbag Trump can defeat you as he did in November, anyone possessed of a heart, soul, and functioning forebrain should make quick work of the manqué within you — then you will be primed, ready, and fit for the struggle ahead.

The fight is not with the latest Con Man In Chief but with the capitalist/imperialist order that spawned him and the duopoly that maintains the gangster state known as capitalism. That ruthless, soul-defying order whose uniformed thugs will soon be descending on Standing Rock.

Image by Dan Booth. Not to be reproduced without express prior permission.


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