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Some Corals Are Adapting to Global Warming. Some Aren’t.

WCS coral expert finds that some reefs were less sensitive to warming water over time...

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Twitterbuzz? Bird Monitoring By Drone

dropcap style=”font-size:100px; color:#992211;”W/dropcapoo! Bird monitoring by drone! People invent thing. People use thing for stuff. People using thing for stuff write about using thing...

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What We Just Learned About the Greenland Shark

The unexpected title holder for the world's longest-living vertebrate...

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How to Make Friends, Influence People, and Get Given Fish: Antarctic Birds Learn to Recognize Humans

How brown skuas, which evolved and lived in human-free habitats, recognized individual humans just after 3 or 4 visits...

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Seismic Surveys Stop Sea Turtles Shagging

Marine airgun noise could cause turtle trauma ...

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Tomorrow’s Detox Diet Today : Chimpanzee Clay Chewing

Chimps have recently started to boost the minerals in their diet by eating the clay which also helps them 'detox' and digest their food....

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Do YOU cover up your cat’s Kill Count?

Cat owners do not accept that cats are a threat to wildlife, and oppose management strategies...

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