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In Sight of History

John Claridge: Being Aware. An interview with a legend on the photographing of legends...

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Growing an Identity

Dr. Heba El Aziz: Petri Portraits. Interview on Bio-art and the new portraiture....

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Alienated Ambiguity

Hedley Roberts: Unknown faces, arch pleasures. An interview on the harsh light of creative vision...

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Tearing the mouth of language

Nieto: Linguistic chaos. An interview with the most perverse artist in history, maybe....

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Keys and Red Herrings

Nigel Grimmer: this is not what you're looking for. An interview with the mercurial. ...

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Portraits in the marketplace

Strident Sitters: Portraits in the Marketplace. Who's buying...

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Symbolic Awards

An obscure review of the 2019 BP Portrait Awards...

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Photographic Reality

Justin Hession: Caught on film. An interview with a deep event photographer on the nature of representation....

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Brains and Being

Luciana Haill: Portrait waves on the canvas of consciousness. Interview regarding brainwave mapping as portraiture....

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Portraits in Photography, Film and Drawing

Oona Grimes: Hail the new Etruscan. A dialectic form of drawing. ...

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Spiralling Intentionally Towards Figuration

David Treloar: Gestural Portraits and Simple Joy. An interview about focus and intention....

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The Finer Details of History

Massimiliano Pironti: Hyperreality. An Interview with 2019 BP Award Finalist. ...

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The Ghost Inside the Artist

Patrick Tresset: Robotic Portraits. Understanding the purpose of art by design, an interview....

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Dreamstates and Mystery

Markus Åkesson: Finding what is hidden. New Realism and Painting...

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Technical Innovation

Carl-Martin Sandvold: The big reveal. BP Award Nominee speaks to Trebuchet...

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No Heroic Male Master

Roxana Halls: The Figure Strikes Back...

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