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We got to drive a car and smash into things. (Red Fang, Interview)

Red Fang’s guitarist, David Sullivan, insists it's not ALL debauched Valhalla hedonism...

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Grinds ‘n’ Grudges: Only Ghosts (Red Fang)

Grunge, grind, riffs, aggression and beautifully stupid videos. Red Fang return....

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Sludging Up the Lady: Red Fang @ Koko (London)

Groovier than their norm, Red Fang give an early taster of their new album at Koko...

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Scimitars and Sabres Shimmer in the Underworld (The Sword)

The Sword, live in Camden. This was progressive rock smothered over a doomy base (not bass) rather than the heavy, sludgier sound of yesteryear...

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Monthly Metal and Melancholy Menace : Cradle of Filth, Orchid….

This is probably Cradle of Filth 's best album in a while, being neither immediately accessible (and so disposable) or opaquely impenetrable (and so rubbish)....

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Pelican : UK Tour 2013

Pelican have officially announced three UK shows as part of a larger European tour this summer....

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Vulgaari : Vulgaari

Vulgaari by Vulgaari is such a mind numbing record that it should be the centrepiece in a church to mental restraint. - An Everyman Review of Good Ole Metal...

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