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A Heroic Step Forward for Quest Ensemble

Classical progressives Quest Ensemble's Other Side points us forward from genre to musical discovery. Has classical music rediscovered originality? ...

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A Last Minute Change of Heart (James Heather)

James Heather's beguiling piano etude suggests interesting things to come on Ahead of Our Time records...

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Outside of the music, it’s a little quiet…. Dead Light (Interview)

Dead Light, makers of 2016's intricate electro/ambient/classical apogee, discuss their debut album....

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Who’s Afraid of Tonality? (Max Richter, Sleep @ Barbican)

As much gig as concert, The Barbican turns to Max Richter for crowd-pulling contemporary performance. Review...

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The Homely Path through Chaotic Woods (Nostos)

A collection of musical pieces which disturb, wrongfoot, disorient and occasionally attack the listener, whilst still being peppered with the ghost of expected song structures ...

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Cleaning ladies also experience the sublime (Aine O’Dwyer)

Where Scarlatti or Bach strove to elevate the consciousness with uplifting symmetrical counterpoint, O'Dwyer reaches into a slightly different church music tradition...

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Sonically cosmic, if not slightly kosmische [Amon Tobin]

Tobin modestly describes the release as a “small personal project”, but conceptually at least, it's a major release....

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Integration and interrelation between the orchestral and the electronic [Michael Price]

As an exercise in demonstrating the possibilities of digital/orchestral enmeshment, Entanglement is at the top table. ...

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High Definition sonic adventures: Joe Snape in 24-Bit

dropcap style=”font-size:100px; color:#992211;”N/dropcapaysayers love to make sweeping judgements about 24-bit sound reproduction. The physical capabilties of the human ear provide a...

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