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The Shape, Sound and Feeling of Words: Ed Ruscha

An analysis of fluid text in the work of artist Ed Ruscha...

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The Suitability of Neon: Cerith Wyn Evans Interview

Interview with the conceptual artist, Cerith Wyn Evans who embraces the use of neon as a medium of immanent exchange....

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Interviews on the Influence of Sol LeWitt

Dessane Lopez Cassell hosts a podcast discussing the Influence of American Minimalist Sol LeWitt....

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Soundtracking the Void

In Honley Civic Archives Volume 1, Thomas Ragsdale distils a gaseous, wispy atmosphere that leaves control in the hands of the listener....

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(H) oli Ep (p) iphany

Oli Epp, sold out before the private view. Semiose is a gallery opened in 2005 in Paris....

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The Quietude of Some Black and Cream/White Pictures in Paris

Lee Bae, Landscape (detail) dropcap style=”font-size:100px;color:#992211;M/dropcapinimal Art, it has been argued, is the dying breath of abstraction, and painting more generally (Winters, 2018)....

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A Last Minute Change of Heart (James Heather)

James Heather's beguiling piano etude suggests interesting things to come on Ahead of Our Time records...

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Detroit and the Minimalists, Examined. Juan Atkins and More, XOYO

Gabriel Prokofiev's Nonclassical teams up with Paris' MARATHON!, to present a night of music intrinsically linked by the thread of Detroit and the early Minimalist pioneers....

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