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Primordial Whispers at Arusha Gallery

An epistemological exhibition on forbidden philosophies, folk knowledge and intuitive spirits via Arusha Gallery...

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Pyramid building using levitation and floating

Trebuchet is taking a seasonal break until Jan 2nd. In the meantime we've selected some fine moments for you to enjoy...

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Openings: An Esoteric Short Story

Voices from another dimension, or glitches in the wiring? Into the Esoterics of Music...

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The Feathers and the Fury: Ry Bird [Interview]

Graphic artist Ry Bird talks art, music and fighting cats...

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Lovecraft Under Will. Liber Al Vel Legis and the Sharp Beak of Horus (H.P. Lovecraft)

In a century of terror, perhaps Lovecraft's visions make more sense than ever...

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Osiris is a Black Star (David Bowie and the Occult)

Bowie, Elvis, Death & the Egyptian Underworld...

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Drawing Inspiration

Symbols don't mean anything; rather they are fecund triggers to the imagination that allow meaning to arise through their contemplation....

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My Dark Song : Bobby Beausoleil

Bobby Beausoleil and Charles Manson. The collision of two dominant personalities would certainly be the trigger for the first and, perhaps, all three of the gory and ritualistic Manson Family...

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Dragon Paths and Pilgrimages

At a time when many of us experience a profound sense of disconnection or even alienation from the land, we need more modern pilgrimages...

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The Vudu Experiment

Words have power whether intended or not. It is no coincidence that a venture named Sub Prime was the tipping point for the onset of this particular disaster....

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