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The Feathers and the Fury: Ry Bird [Interview]

Graphic artist Ry Bird talks art, music and fighting cats

Ry Bird

[dropcap style=”font-size:100px; color:#992211;”]Y[/dropcap]ou can go to galleries to discover new voices in art.

Put your faith in curators and gallerists, allowing their market-driven judgement to form your own. It’s a trusted route, with an entry level pitched anywhere from the pop-ups of Bermondsey to the megalithic heft of Trafalgar Square.

Or you can take off the metaphorical armbands and dive right in to the source. Trust your own aesthetic filters. Take a punt. Nathan Tucker talks to visual artist Ry Bird. The rest is up to you.

What are three things, material or immaterial, that you could give to each person in the world if you could do so?

Why give people something? They have too much already. I would take three things away.
Maybe I would ask them what their top ten favorite things are and just take the top three. This would move the rest up, and now number four would be happy to have its turn as number one.Ry Bird

Have you ever travelled to another dimension and/or planet? If so – what was it like there?

I must have gotten here somehow, so yes, I travelled to this dimension. But I stay on this planet as it travels and have never been in the same place twice.

Do you do any music?

What did I do to music? Am I in trouble?

Have you ever walked outside in your astral body?

I don’t have an Astral but I heard they get good mileage.

Were you outside of our house a week ago when that happened to me? If you were, why did you not say hello?

I did say hello. Just now. Hello! See?

I forgot what I was going to ask.

I forgot what you were going to say!

If you have done music – is it true you and I have *allegedly* colluded on something?

Yes, we colluded. Remember? You ran the stop sign and colluded the body of your Astral.Ry Bird b

Can the reader listen to it?

Us colluding? Well, I am glad you recorded it. Being that the only other sound greater might be a dozen cats fighting in drain pipe!

I think you naming it A Cosmic Endeavor and putting on Reverbnation is an tribute to fighting cats everywhere. And I recommend people know what it sounds like so they can know the cats are OK when they hear it again. [Listen]

One final question if I may: Where can people view and/or purchase your art?

I don’t have any art! This is the job interview for the call centre, right?

How about that friend you said dabbles in art? Where is his art at?
I heard he thinks flowers grow in space.

Ry Bird


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  1. Carie Janson says:

    Who is this ‘Nathan Tucker’ and where can I read more of his interviews?

    They’re funny!

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