Don’t Be A Bitch At Christmas – Clownvis Takes Care Of Business

  hat Christmas means to you ladies and gentlemen, I really don’t know. For me, it’s a time of deep reflection, a time to remember friends and family who have ignored me or passed long...

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Sex Sells: Colonising the Universal Commodity

Institutional sexual arrogance will only stop when it stops being rewarded...

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Meh…Zzz. Why Do We Fall Asleep When We’re Bored?

Explaining our inescapable desire to sleep in boring situations...

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Faster Video, An End To Buffering, More Cats!

CSAIL's machine-learning system enables smoother streaming that can better adapt to different network conditions....

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Nitwit! Egghead! Twerp! Searching for the Funniest Words

Booty, booby, nitwit and hooter among the words which make us laugh most ...

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3D Movies at Home, Without Glasses!

CSAIL system converts 3-D movies into a more TV-friendly format...

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Reactive, Risky, Red: Lolitics Brings Back Lefty Laughs

Left turn raw topical comedy road tested for comfort...

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Unexpected, Imaginative Experiences… with Whalley Range All Stars

Security stopped us because we Went Too Far.... Whalley Range All Stars prove the power of theatre...

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Entertainment TV and Populist Voters: The (somewhat obvious) Link

People exposed to entertainment television are more likely to vote for populist politicians...

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Towards a Sustainable Music

Making a living is just one aspect of the sustainable music industry that isn't happening...

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‘I’m sure she knew she was talking to a puppet’: The Flying Buttresses

rebuchet applies its right to invoke Henson’s Law. (Henson’s Law: Even the world’s best CGI will look dated in a decade, but an awesome puppet will always be an awesome puppet.)...

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Illusions of Weightlessness: The Dream Engine (Interview)

Evoking tears of joy is a delicate art - The Dream Engine have it in hand...

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Neurocinematic Testing – The Applications

We know that certain stimuli can provoke certain reactions. How can we use that knowledge though? ...

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Recycle Your Stories for Better Friendship

To please your friends, tell them what they already know ...

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Staggering Scenes: The Fine Art of Neurocinematic Studies

On the treadmill, no-one can hide. New techniques of pre-testing audience response...

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Neurocinematic Testing: Will It Make You Scream?

t is always hard to predict the response of a massed audience, and almost impossible to objectively assess creative works. In the present information boom and flourishing ‘attention...

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Still Not Listening: Meryl Streep Fails to Charm the Hicks

Meryl's message may have been astute, but if it ain't coming from a blue collar hick, it's just preaching to the choir....

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Cow Goes Moo: Disney’s Artificial Intelligence Project Gets Ears

Artificial intelligence-based system associates images with sounds ...

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With a Rictus Grin and Another Pint: Surviving The Totally Democratic Bar

Should we complain if a lot of very average bands and soloists carry on in the belief that they are special?...

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The Movements of the Idiot: Are We All Ironic Now?

Self-knowing idiocy. We either join in or shut up....

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