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The Serenely Uncanny Sound of Destruction: Foster Neville

How do fake folk memories and an uncanny set of influences inform a new electronic music release? Alexei Monroe reviews Foster Neville's The Edge of Destruction on Bibliotapes....

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Nicolas Bougaïeff on the Art of Dragging Techno Upwards

Alexei Monroe discusses optimism, constructive techno and societal change with electronic pioneer Nicolas Bougaïeff...

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Park Hye Jin: How Can I

Park is beginning to develop her own oeuvre, her second EP offering experimentation that establishes her as more than just an emerging talent. ...

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Kraftwerk’s Home Computer Gets Video Makeover

The video incorporates elements previously used by Kraftwerk, including an animation of a computer, taken from the cover image of their classic 1981 album, Computer World....

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Decoding Future Music from Germany: Interview with Uwe Schütte

Alexei Monroe speaks to the author of the latest book to explore the art of Kraftwerk and their legacy....

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“Every Song was a Little World in Itself”

Interview with industrial music shamans The Youngs Gods - Franz Treichler ...

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Compressing Parliamentary Love Time with Actress

Interview with electronic musician Actress: Reworking Stockhausen around a contemporary issue ...

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Monoloc: Drought

A magic EP of two instant classics...

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Keeping in the shape of rhythm

Louis Cole: From Knower to Solo ...

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Post-Techno and the Eminence of Melancholia – Liziuz

Tobias Lisius's alter-ego Liziuz unleashes a brooding, Berlin-esque electronic soundscape in new release 'Geschichten des Lebens'....

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Aural Satisfaction and Broken Beats [Duran Duran Duran Interview]

Philly Blunts to Thrice-Named Breakcore: the rise of Ed Flis's Duran Duran Duran...

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Pact Infernal on Stroboscopic Artefacts (Monad XXV)

Architectural depth and space, dark sonics, incantatory beats - Stroboscopic Artefacts produce the goods once more...

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Battle Standards (Talker)

Cold, then colder still. Talker emboss style and character onto the electronic music mileu...

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