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Keeping in the shape of rhythm

Louis Cole: From Knower to Solo

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[dropcap style=”font-size:100px; color:#992211;”]S[/dropcap]ometimes the Internet works.

For the content creator evangelists it’s toted as a way to bypass middlemen and distribute your content directly to an audience of people who never knew they were your wildest fans. For many artists it doesn’t pan out, however once in a while the digital rainbow ends in a pot of gold.

Capturing the global attention via a set of visually fun and musically adventurous videos,  Knower (Louis Cole and Genevieve Artadi) achieved a strong following, several million views, thousands of subscribers and a widening trail of online mentions. It’s certain they would have been successful regardless of the online following, however stepping into record company jargon, they’ve an impressive reach. But, for drummer/composer Louis Cole, Knower is just one musical avenue and under his name he’s released two albums of strong musical acumen referencing Brian Wilson, The Flaming Lips and The National, as well as a deeper knowledge of electronic music. Cole’s solo releases are tantalising for music fans, containing energetic and unusual compositional treatments which are produced with a freshness and lightness of touch that beg a repeat.

Taking time out from a very busy touring and recording schedule Louis Cole discusses the physicality of his creative life with Trebuchet.

Louis Cole: For me, the body is mostly a tool to create music and art the best way I can in this dimension. Whatever dimension that is. This meat vehicle that my soul controls needs to be in good working order at all times, so that I can create really good tracks and videos and so that I can play really sick drum fills and synth basslines. I also use my body for other really important stuff in life. But creation is probably the most important one to me.

How do you define the body?

Maybe I don’t really know, but I have pushed my own body to be able to do things with more precision and clarity and focus and speed and agility, for the sake of my music. And my brain, I really have pushed it to come up with ideas I really believe in and to filter out the bad ones. And just to always be creating. I don’t know what the brain really does. Maybe it translates soul into body function?

What potential do you see in bodies?

I think a lot of people could react well to better quality music, not the corny boring music they are fed.

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