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Celebrity as Material

Celebrity as Art Material: Once art ceases to be mimetic, portraiture as representation becomes destabilized, enabling it to investigate concepts such as celebrity as well as appearance. ...

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The Massurreal Deconstruction of Prof. Nadia Wahdan

Interview with multimedia artist Prof. Nadia Wahdan. ...

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The Capitalist Mindwash and Oprah For President

Enough of the rags to riches celebrity graft narrative - Oprah for President? Please, no....

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Hurry Up and Wait: The Fine Art of the Celebrity Interview

Egos, gaffes, junkets and giggles: dealing with Hollywood's finest is a tricky business...

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Alexander the Really, Really Great: How Important is Charisma in a Leader?

Charismatic leaders: Too much of a good thing? ...

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Is There Just Too Much of Everything?

Our digital world of abundance and choice might be shortening our attention spans...

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SuperBrand to SuperFan

dropcap style=”font-size:100px; color:#992211;”T/dropcaphe entertainment industry is a sprawling animal of celebrity, sober lust and enthusiastic deceit. ***rescheduled to oct 7th***...

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Scorpionics in Action

we will construct a personalised HATE CHART for you, which will be based on your answers to our searching questionnaire. From this soul map you will quickly discover the TRAITOR inside who insists on...

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Touched by Sir Jimmy

I looked nostalgically at the picture of Jimmy’s face and noticed he’d even put a little smiley on there for me. Yes, Jimmy Savile touched me back in ’93...

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