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Nun More Anarchist Activist

The documentary is an overall misfire, yet an interesting portrait of self-reliant defiance in the face of opposition from all sides....

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Legal Weed: Do Young’uns Now Toke More, or Do More Young’uns Toke?

What impact may legalization of recreational marijuana in Oregon have on teen marijuana use?...

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Smoke Weed, Get More Action. The Science

Regular marijuana use linked to more sex, Stanford study finds ...

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Kidney Stoned? Does Cannabis Affect Kidney Function?

Study examines whether marijuana affects kidney function ...

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Thash Why Ish Called Hash: Recreational Cannabis and Gum Disease

Recreational cannabis, used often, increases risk of gum disease ...

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It’s Why They Call it Skunk: Cannabis and Pollution

Legal marijuana sales creating escalating damage to the environment ...

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They Say the Devil’s In the Deep End

When you meet the devil, the only response is to wake and bake...

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Rosetta Stoned: Decyphering the Primary Cannabis Receptor

Structure of primary cannabinoid receptor is revealed ...

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Smoke Gets in Your Eyes: Cannabis and Vision Improvement

Researchers find new role for cannabinoids in vision ...

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Chill, Dude! Or Maybe Not. Cannabis Users Have Difficulty Processing Emotions

Colorado State University study points to cannabis' muddling effect on emotion processing ...

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THC, Or Not THC? How Danes Grow Stronger Cannabis

The concentration of the euphoriant THC in cannabis has tripled in the space of 20 years...

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The Stoned Pygmy Story You Didn’t See Coming

The researchers noted that cannabis might not be the only recreational drug that protects against parasites....

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BigPharma Endorses Cannabis

Investigating the effectiveness of cannabis for treating pain, spasticity, and a host of other medical problems...

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