Buzz, Feed? Keeping up with the Bees

Worldwide importance of honey bees for natural habitats captured in new report...

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Did You Know the Common Ingredient that May Cause Alzheimers?

Canola oil linked to worsened memory & learning ability in Alzheimer's ...

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Be Nice to Cows, Science Says So

Brazilian study shows how small changes on farms can lower stress levels of cattle...

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Don’t Throw Stones! Inside the Smart Solar Greenhouse

Solar greenhouses generate electricity and grow healthy crops ...

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Sneezy Does It: Pollen as Fertilizer

Dastardly whitecoats plan botanical cannabilism as plants forced to eat plants ...

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The Biology of Colour (and Why There are No Purple Cows)

Study explores advances and challenges in the field of animal coloration...

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Don’t Fear the Reaper: Domestication of Seeds was Earlier than We Thought

Synchrotron light used to show human domestication of seeds from 2000 BC ...

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Hunter-Gatherers to Farmers. The Question isn’t *When*, It’s WHY?

Why did hunter-gatherers first begin farming? ...

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It’s Why They Call it Skunk: Cannabis and Pollution

Legal marijuana sales creating escalating damage to the environment ...

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Can We Make Tomatoes Tasty Again?

Genetic selection for more sizable tomatoes has cost sweetness and flavor. How do we get it back?...

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Nothing New Under the Sun – How Prehistory Tackled Global Warming

Computer models find ancient solutions to modern problems ...

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FastFags: Growing More Tobacco, Quicker Tobacco

Scientists at MIPT beat the clock by quickly finding out what makes plants tick...

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Superefficient Cubic GaN LEDs Get the Green Light

New method for making green LEDs enhances their efficiency and brightness ...

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You Know What Sunburn Does to Your Skin, But Did You Know What it Does to Your Wine?

Protecting grapes from pests by boosting their natural immunity ...

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The 700 Year Old Farming Method that may Mitigate Climate Chaos

Once again, science catches up with what traditional cultures knew all along...

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A Grain of Hope: Barley Lowers Bad Cholesterol

Barley likely has similar cholesterol-lowering effects as oats...

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Hoops or Alphabetti? Tracing the evolutionary history of wheat, for better pasta

Wild and landrace varieties along with genetic diversity are the keys to improving wheat's nutritional value...

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Higher Crop Yields: The Famine-Busting Breakthrough You’ve Never Heard Of

High yield crops a step closer in light of photosynthesis discovery ...

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Some Ecological GOOD News. Reclaiming Oil-Damaged Soil

We proved we can remove all the bad actors and all the contaminants and at the same time have a final product with agricultural value...

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Fallow and Flower, For Feeding the Bees

Flower strips sown into farmers' fields not only attract bees but increase their numbers...

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