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Coldcut team with On-U Sound and Roots Manuva

A spiky rallying cry for Britain’s indestructible musical melting pot.

Coldcut, U-Sound

[dropcap style=”font-size:100px; color:#992211;”]A[/dropcap]ll things pass, all things return.

If there’s any upside to a nation ruled by an overdressed Tory harridan hated by her own ministers, theatrically sabre-rattling at nonplussed Eurocrats whilst enforcing a draconian neocon vista of Little Englandism onto a socially-divided nation braying misdirected impotent rage at the immigrant Other whilst services are cut, budgets slashed and the surplus swept into the troughs of the ever-decreasing few cronies and geckos teetering at the top of the putrid pyramid…

it’s that the resistance is going to be meaty.

From out of the ashpits of Thatcherism came the urban protest of The Roots, The Specials and a long, tasty line of crossover dancehall, ragga, jungle, d’n’b and rave voices which brought a throb to a social resistance which was at once escapist, conscious and bloody fine for dancing.

Coldcut and U-Sound have their part in that legacy (taking back control long, long before the phrase became a rallying cry for the bigoted), it’s little surprise that the conditions call for a return of a scene which should never be dismissed as one of apolitical hedonism. It was always political, always resistant.

That’s why the suits pushed so hard to shut it down.

“Without On-U there would be no Ninja Tune.” Matt Black (Coldcut)

If Coldcut x On-U Sound’s album ‘Outside the Echo Chamber’ is a modern day Mothership, ‘Vitals’ is its advance dispatch pod, hovering overhead and gripping you in a warm sonic tractor beam, bringing news of joyous, multicoloured musical thunder. Featuring fellow maverick and frequent Coldcut collaborator Roots Manuva, ‘Vitals’ is a spiky rallying cry for Britain’s indestructible musical melting pot.

Forget austerity, Articles and all types of assholery, it seems to suggest. There was a time before all that; a time when fathoms-deep dubs massaged your eardrums, irresistible drums beat onwards like hearts, and soul on fire lyrics told it like it is. That time comes again.

With a true-school dub remix from Dennis Bovell (alongside Mad Professor and Adrian Sherwood, the third column in the Holy Trinity of UK Dub) this is fresh, sharp UK music, looking inwards and outwards at once. Take a step outside the echo chamber – it sounds better out here.

The album “Outside The Echo Chamber” features Lee “Scratch Perry”, Roots Manuva, Ce’Cile, Toddla T, Junior Reid, Dave Taylor (Switch/With You.) and is out on May 19th 2017 on Ahead Of Our Time (Coldcut’s first label). Coldcut celebrate 30 years in the music game this year!

7″ Box Set / CD / Digital

Listen to ‘Vitals feat. Roots Manuva’ here:


1. Vitals feat. Roots Manuva
2. Metro
3. Everyday Another Sanction feat. Chezidek
4. Make Up Your Mind feat. Ce’Cile and Toddla T
5. Aztec Riddim
6. Kajra Mohobbat Wala feat. Hamsika Iyer
7. Divide and Rule feat. Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry, Junior Reid and Elan
8. Make Up Your Mind feat. Elan
9. Robbery feat. Rholin X
10. Livid Hip Hop
11. Vitals feat. Roots Manuva (Dub)
12. Everyday Another Sanction feat. Chezidek (Dub)
13. Make Up Your Mind feat. Ce’Cile and Toddla T (Dub)
14. Kajra Mohobbat Wala feat. Hamsika Iyer (Dub)
15. Divide and Rule feat. Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry, Junior Reid and Elan (Dub)
16. Robbery feat. Rholin X (Dub)



Adrian Sherwood


On-U Sound


Roots Manuva



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