Author: Simon Laffy

Simon entered his professional music career at the age of 20, signing three major recording contracts and working as a composer, performer, producer and live artist. He has written and performed on 35 albums, composed film soundtracks and themes for television, and played live performances in the UK, Europe, USA and Asia.

Make Better Music 82: Monetizing Music (Part Two)

Working musician Simon Laffy ponders the recurring problem of making music pay...

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Make Better Music 81: Monetizing Music

Doing it for the love will only last so long. What happens when you have to eat? How to make better music, and make money doing so....

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Make Better Music 80: The Art of Remixing (Part Two)

Be careful to maintain the integrity of the original piece, while at all times striving to produce something new. ...

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Make Better Music 79: The Art of Remixing (Part One)

A luxurious wonderland of musical mystery and adventure that both complements and embellishes...

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Make Better Music 78 :The Recording Process (Part Three)

Music is more about making people connect emotionally with your message than being impressed by your playing ability...

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Make Better Music 77: The Recording Process (Part Two)

Style should transcend technique, but it cannot replace it...

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Make Better Music 76 : The Recording Process

No matter how boring, frustrating, agonising or infuriating it may seem simply going over and over the parts to be recorded, the value of that repetitive hand-eye/finger-digit movement will bring to...

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Make Better Music 74 : Collaboration

The ability to listen, appreciate, evaluate and contribute towards a fellow-musician’s creativity is a high order skill and the rewards often completely justify the effort....

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Make Better Music 75 : The Producer

It is a rare gift indeed to successfully carry your own music throughout the entire creation process....

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Make Better Music 74: Notes on Composition

When approaching a music writing session, have some sense of the idea you intend to reveal...

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Make Better Music 73: Mindful Qualities

Quality requires a mindfulness and quietness to allow ideas to form, take shape, emerge and grow...

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