Author: Kimberly J Bright

Woman of Substances (Jenny Valentish)

Addiction isn’t gender neutral, and neither is mental health....

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Still Not Like Everybody Else: Q&A with Dave Davies (The Kinks)

Originator of the power riff, Dave Davies answers five questions for Trebuchet...

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Moonrock, Starstuff and Syd: the Stunning Jewellery of Ian Barrett

You have to go a long way to get the best fossils and meteorites, or you can buy Ian Barrett's Jurassic Jewellery ...

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Mystical Moves, Dance and Freedom : Interview [Salah El Brogy]

There’s a thriving dance community in the UK that really helps you keep that fire in your belly...

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Someone we all thought was cool. [Johnny Marr on Chris Spedding]

dropcap style=”font-size:100px; color:#992211;”T/dropcaphe name Chris Spedding is likely to garner blank looks or ardent admiration, depending on your conversation partner. While he...

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Chris Spedding : Joyland

Featuring partial reunions of King Mob, with cameos from Johnny Marr and Ian McShane, Joyland is greasy, elemental rock par excellence....

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Ari Up on The Slits and Chris Spedding [Interview]

The Clash and the Pistols all became extended family to me. They were all like my brothers....

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Nick Harper : Interview

'no two people hear music or even see the world in the same way, and it’s your vision that counts for you in the end' ...

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Francis Dunnery [Interview]

I think it is a dreadful mistake to base your decisions on what an audience might like. Audiences are as fickle as a donkey's tail....

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Diamanda Galás [Interview]

'The work may recall the state of isolation, which is common to all of my performance works'. ...

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