Author: Jacqueline Steinmetz

Lazarides: A Street Art Empire

“You either close up a shop and cry behind closed doors for the next five years or you have a go and see what you can do next.” Steve Lazarides refuses to be daunted by economic crisis....

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Mitra Tabrizian: Another Country

Characters and places that seem to be taken from a parallel universe; an alien world full of familiar objects and people. Only, those people seem strangely detached and isolated, frozen in artificial...

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Landing on Earth 2012: The Wapping Project

The post-industrial Boiler Room of the Wapping Project offers the perfect platform for Ruhs’ gigantic installations made of found material like metal, rubber, ceramics and aluminium scrap, all...

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Theatre of the Mind

JULIUS is a multi-screen film, in which Roman Emperor Julius Caesar triggers the protagonists’ obsessions. His world of thoughts is shared with the audience. Reality and dream worlds are presented...

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Jellymongers: The Art of Food

With a bit of graft you can get almost anyone's contact detail. Every so often I propose something sensible and they get back to me. The results are some of the best and most interesting work we've...

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A Progress [Theatre]

Carl Heap's style has always invited some form of audience involvement, In the past, this has extended to the gentle conscription of audience members for selected moments and scenes – helping to...

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Araxie Kutchukian: Beyond

Araxie likes to keep it fresh, sees her paintings as a platform, a stage for the contemporary and antique at the same time. Changing scales and working against the viewer’s expectations make her...

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